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fotoman 624 - 7000 x 28000 px - rollfilm 120 at 3200 ppi

all galleries are under construction as I started using my new hasselblad imacon flextight X1 scanner in the last weeks of 2010 and decided to clear all old galleries. there are times you have to leave old paths and make a new start from scratch. when I saw the first scans from that machine, I knew what I had missed so far.
some thousend slides on rollfilm 6x7 cm and 6x6 cm, some hundred 6x24 cm and 6x12 cm and unnumerous amounts of 135 mm slides are waiting to be scanned - it may take some time...
please feel free to ask for a stock selection!
stockphotography  by  peter  emmerich  at  alamy
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